Clermont Soccer Club

The league was founded by Carlos Munoz and Juan Gil in 2013. After seen so many individuals enjoy this majesty sport around the parks in Clermont, we decided to take advantage of such virtue and love for the game. The league began to exclusively accept all soccer enthusiasts that were decided to expose their skills and abilities on the field, wanted to join a team and participate in a tournament just like it is at the professional level. And simply because many of us were not lucky enough to make to the top, here in the league you are guaranteed a spot to win it all!
We promise to nourish the needs and demands of every single footballer and try to make our lives and yours a more pleasant one.  In addition, our experienced and licensed referees will ensure a safe and diverse cutting edge environment for everyone. 
Furthermore, we want people to know that soccer life does not end at 18 year old as we know it. If you are up for the challenge, and want to reclaim a lifestyle that is unique in many wonderful ways then you will not stand a chance and will be captivated by the way soccer has evolved in our league. 
 Mission Statement:

To inspire a healthier life and unite our community around a sport that keeps the whole planet addicted to it, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or religion.


Soccer is a very popular sport that has the potential to help you achieve an excellent healthy, social and personal life. It benefits, conditions and shapes our bodies. If you are a competitive individual that enjoys pushing oneself and feels the gratification that comes out of hard work then Clermont Soccer Club is the place to be!  We are an open league that only requires for you to be 18 years old and the love for the sport!  Men and Women alike are welcome to play. 

Did you know we are the only league in Lake County to have a Women Only Tournament?

If you have a team or looking forward to join one, please feel free to contact us by phone at (352) 450-0760 or visit our webpage:

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Or write to us via regular mail at:

Clermont Soccer Club
P.O Box 120221